What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept all major credits cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
What’s the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?
  • Virgin hair usually comes in names like Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair, with curl patterns and names like “body wave”, “deep curly”, “water wave”. These are just names given to hair in attempts to make the hair seem more appealing. Most of the hair is often of bad quality coming from left over combed hair, sometimes even mixed with synthetic fibers and animal hair.
  • Raw hair is not mixed with any synthetic fibers, animal hair or comb hair, which we know reduces the quality of the hair. Raw hair is the highest quality of hair and is usually expensive. It is 100% unprocessed human hair and can therefore last you a lifetime.
How much hair will I need?
  • The amount of hair needed depends on the hairstyle and how full you would want your hair to be. If you're styling your hair with closures or frontals, bundles that are 14"-18" in length, 2 bundles should be enough. If your looking for lengths between 20"- 24", 3 bundles should be good. If you're leaving hair out, we suggest bundle lengths of "14 - 18" 2-3 bundles and  for 20"- 28," 3-4 bundles.
Does this hair shed?
  • It has VERY minimum shedding. After the second washed there should not be any shedding. Heat damage, over processing or lack of moisture and conditioner will cause shedding, so be sure to apply heat protectant before thermal use.
Should I seal my wefts?
  • No, we personally seal your wefts to make sure each order is sealed to prevent shedding.
Does the hair take good to coloring?
  • Absolutely, the benefit of using raw hair is that you may treat the hair as your own hair. Therefore it can be bleached, rinsed, dyed all different shades, however we strongly advise you seek professional help when processing hair. Be mindful that once you apply a chemical change to the hair; You have to properly take care of the hair in order for it to obtain its luster.
Does this hair tangle?
  • No, tangling at all.
How long will my raw hair extensions last?
  • Your raw hair can last several years with proper care.
How many ounces are in each bundle?
  • There are approximately 3.5oz of hair in each bundle.
Do I have the option to "Pick Up" my order in person if I order online?
  • Once you have made a purchase online, you do not have the option to pick it up. 
Is there a location where I can pickup Angel Extensions?
  • No. It is sold strictly online at www.Angelrawextensions.com


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